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Data Sculpture Turns a San Francisco Building into a Stunning Morphing Visual

12.08.2015 -

In, Data Sculpture Turns a San Francisco Building in to a Stunning Morphing Visual, Refik Anadol, a world famous media artist, is recognized by The Creator's Project for his work Virtual Depictions which adorns the new 70’ X 40’ media canvas at 350 Mission. Anyone walking down Mission Street will notice the large-scale digital art transforming in front of them but what few know is that it is never the same twice. The movement within the piece may seem random but the changes reflect real-time publicly available frozen datasets that Refik has taken off the city of San Francisco’s open data portal – SF OpenData. The frozen sets of civic data and pedestrians on the urban streetscape are combined with real-time geolocated twitter tags to create dynamic adaptive visuals; visuals that are not only creating the appearance of a transforming lobby but also appear to be changing the buildings architecture.

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