The Kilroy Stars – Illuminating the West Coast during the 2020 Holiday Season


Every year at Kilroy, it is customary to create rich holiday experiences across our portfolio, including tree lighting ceremonies, decorative lobbies, themed events, and more. Yet, with COVID, our traditional program wasn’t possible, so we created an outward-facing light installation called The Kilroy Stars as we enter the holiday season and move towards what we hope will be a brighter 2021.

As a company that celebrates people above all, we work tirelessly to create meaningful, inspirational, and, most of all, safe environments for people.

The Kilroy Stars are a series of light sculptures that will collaboratively light up the sky and united San Francisco, Seattle, Hollywood, and San Diego. The installations are placed on the top of four significant development properties, one in each region, that have set the benchmark for sustainability and environmental stewardship. These virtues champion a sound future as we enter the new year.

In fostering the sublime power of art within our communities, The Kilroy Stars represent a unique reflection of their time and place. Now more than ever, we need avenues that inspire, and as we look toward hope for a post-pandemic world, the role of art will be more important than ever.

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