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Dustin Yellin's "Psychogeographies" at Columbia Square in Hollywood, California

10.14.2015 -

Dustin Yellin adds his mark in Los Angeles with art that’s a ‘missile for social change’ – L.A.-born artist, Dustin Yellin has been published in the Los Angeles Times for his six elaborate, 3-D, human-form collages at Columbia Square in Hollywood, California. Kilroy Realty commissioned the pieces for this redevelopment project on Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street, which for decades was the site of CBS’ West Coast radio and television operations. Each of the glass monuments are part of a 120-part series called “Psychogeographies" and took about a year and a half to create. They are different from others in the series because they are site-specific, paying homage to the mass media and pop cultural legacy of the site. Yellin, the founder of Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, New York, a center for research and experimentation in contemporary culture, creates art for social change. He said, “Art brings people together to see the same thing, and then maybe you can help them sort of galvanize and rally in concert around things like climate change, HIV awareness at the level of the street, the water issue. You can’t change the world unless you have a voice”.

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