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Sunset Boulevard: From Louche to Luxury

The Wall Street Journal recently examined the reemergence of Sunset Boulevard. Kilroy’s new development Columbia Square is a part of this renaissance, representing a dramatic cultural shift toward upscale residences, shopping, and dining. 

The one and a half-mile-long portion of West Hollywood known as the Sunset Strip has historically been famous for nightlife, counterculture, and rock 'n' roll. Beginning in the 1930s and '40s, it was a notorious destination for Hollywood stars. In the '60s it became a genuine counterculture area, but commercially it was in decline. Gradually it became known for landmark music venues, and then for punk rockers and the "hair-metal" scene. 

The new character of the Strip feels more urbane. Just this month renters started moving into Hollywood Proper Residences, a 22-story building within newly created Columbia Square, Kilroy's $450 million six-building development. Units at the Hollywood Proper feature views of the Hollywood sign, a rooftop pool, valet parking, and services like "they iron your clothes for you," according to new resident Tim Anderson, a creative director at a movie studio. 

"For me, L.A. is this weirdly sleeply suburban city," Mr. Anderson says. "But I love urban living. It's not New York, but this is the part of L.A. that comes closest."

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