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1930’s Building is Transformed into the Workplace of the Future

01.09.2016 -

The Los Angeles Times takes us through Neuehouse’s new West Coast Headquarters at Columbia Square in the article, “See How This 1930’s Building in Hollywood is Transformed into the Workplace of the Future”. The recently remodeled project pays homage to the past through the renovation of its historical buildings, the site-specific Dustin Yellin sculptures which include small paper cut-outs of mass media and pop culture icons associated with the site, and now through the tenant’s intelligently designed space. Neuehouse’s cutting-edge design celebrates the history of the site, making their space comfortable yet modern, sleek yet vintage, blurring the lines between public and private experiences, and ultimately creates the perfect “shared-work” concept. In the article, we discover how the great attention to design at Neuehouse serves as a facilitator to the creativity and connection happening in and around Columbia Square. 

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