Molly Hatch


Over 200 hand-painted ceramic plates create museum style installation.

A monumental arch-shaped 20 foot tall wall installation comprised of over 200 hand-painted earthenware plates. The central image of the work is a magnified rendering of a coral reef of vibrantly painted flora and fauna of the Pacific is derived from a collage of several 19th century English lithographs by William Saville-Kent.

Each round surface of a plate serves as a canvas for the painterly abstraction of the whole; together, the composition reveals the vibrance and coherence of its source material. Bridging the gap between decorative and fine art, the glazed surfaces of these earthenware plates collectively become a fragmented canvas for a delicate, painterly rendering.

Molly Hatch
San Francisco Bay Area
The Anecdote | Kilroy Oyster Point

Each individual plate serves as a canvas; together, the plates reveal the intricate abstract motif of their source material.

Molly Hatch
Molly Hatch - Reef Painting at the Anecdote
Molly Hatch - Reef Painting at the Anecdote Closeup
Molly Hatch - Reef Painting at the Anecdote Installation
Molly Hatch Painting Plates